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Eviction Verification $9.95
County Criminal $19.95
County Civil $19.99
Dash-Check $34.95 - Background check
Dash-Check Plus $44.95 - Background check with Civil County Court Reports
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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This agreement is made subject to the following terms, conditions & understandings will make reasonable efforts to locate the requested information and will make reasonable efforts to check the accuracy of any information provided. Since does not prepare the underlying records it retrieves, it cannot guarantee the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information provided. only guarantees that it will furnish all the information it has retrieved. This information is furnished for our Client's exclusive use and accepted by the Client without any liability on the part of Furthermore, Client agrees to indemnify, its sources, agents and employees of any liability for the use of this information. Client promises to use the information provided for personal use only. In the event that no information or no record can be obtained on the subject matter(s) through our agreed efforts, CLIENT shall nevertheless be responsible for the payment of all fees agreed to be paid as specified. All search requests will be strictly confidential.
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